Sexual Harassment of Students by University Staff Hidden by Non-Disclosure Agreements

In our continued fight against lab bullying and harassment, it is a welcome sight to see that others are pointing out the discrepancy between the incidence, reporting, and effective dealing with instances of harassment (sexual or not) and bullying in academia. We can only hope that through our combined efforts and other grassroots movements and organizations, such as the 1752 group, we can collectively begin to dismantle the culture of abuse that is all too prevalent in many institutes.

Anonymous Blog 25-07-16

During my position as an RA, my supervisor was not really a problem per se, and my experience of research in the first 1-2 months made me accept a PhD position that was offered to me ahead of time. However, after the “new” feeling wore off, I saw the stark reality of the lab environment I was in. The lab members were *****y, jealous, and highly competitive. Continue reading