Fátima Sancheznieto (She/her, he/him; Founder and Editor): I started this website after having long discussions with colleagues about the state of trainees in science. After having received some training in counseling through my university and taking an online course in positive psychology and happiness, I began to realize just how badly we are trained to deal with emotional and human problems in the sciences. Issues of mental health, abuse and harassment, and overall lack of life-satisfaction are present in all institutes, to varying degrees. This website and its content would not be present without the help of many dedicated scientists and friends who have helped with the brainstorming, troubleshooting, and implementation of these ideas. However, we are all graduate students and are incredibly busy with our daily lives. I am always looking for other writers to post on the blog and for ideas on how to improve the site. So do reach out. And if you’d like to make a more permanent part of the Labmosphere Team, this is a project that will only grow to the extent that we can involve individuals passionate and dedicated to improving well-being in science academia.

In Science Solidarity,


Disclaimer: The law and those I hold near and dear at work require me to tell you that I am a free-willed individual with my own opinions independent of any institute or entity. Therefore, the views and ideas presented in this blog do not represent the views and ideas of the institutes or groups the bloggers work in, nor of the funding bodies who fund our research.