Lab Tweets Anonymous

At Labmosphere, we believe that our stories and voices are important, and that sometimes sharing them can be, in and of itself, a way to find solidarity and comfort. This might be difficult to do for certain situations when our names our attached to them. This anonymous twitter tool is meant to help with that. Whether to find comic relief, vent, or just say something nice about someone in your lab, use this tool to speak about whatever is currently on your mind, straight from the bench, or field site... All tweets will be published anonymously on our @LabTweetsAnon twitter...

As always, we depend on and appreciate your likes, shares, and retweets as a way to spread the word and work towards changing academia into a more equitable system and culture.

Note: We ask that before you use our form, you type out your message on twitter to make sure you are within the character limit, unless you wish to publish a thread, in which case you should indicate your desire to do so with a thread tweet count (ie. 1/n). Tweets over the character length, or which include any identifying information (yours or that of others) will be automatically discarded.