Labmosphere Quiz (Beta)


NOTE: Due to software limitations, questions with * around them have the answers in reversed order. We are trying to get this fixed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Welcome to our Labmosphere Quiz. Most of us know when we’re uncomfortable or in a lab environment that is not suited to our learning needs and to help us grow to our fullest potential. However, it is sometimes useful to be reminded of what things we should expect from our supervisors and colleagues, and what things should not be tolerated. Use this quiz as many times as you would like, and see how your lab score compares to those of others. Likewise, if you are applying to a new lab as a grad students, postdoc, or technician, it might be useful to ask members of the lab to take this quiz and share the results with you. It is a good way to get the conversation started on difficult topics, and to recognize problem labs before you commit to spending time in them, even as a rotation student. Scores range from 25% to 100%

At the end of the quiz, you will be asked to provide your email. This is OPTIONAL. We are using this quiz to collect data on lab environments around the world and in different institutes, and your email would help us verify your affiliation with a center of higher education or research, but also to prevent data collection from the same person more than once. After this verification step, your data will be completely ANONYMOUS. If you do not wish to have your score used in the study, or if you do not want to share your email with us, feel free to skip this step. Either way, know that your privacy and well-being are our main concern and priority.

Enjoy the Quiz!


Special thanks to Dr. Kirsten Smith and Elyse Mowle for their support, troubleshooting, and help with the questions.