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By definition, a mentor is someone who nurtures and promotes growth and development in their students and trainees. At Labmosphere, we believe that when a professor takes on a student or postdoc, they are taking on a responsibility to that student and their development in the academic sciences. 

While we understand that there are differing mentoring and learning styles, harassment and bullying are not effective teaching methods and can lead to the hinderance of growth, productivity, and overall wellbeing. If you've ever been a victim of bullying and harassment that went unaccounted for in your lab environment, help us speak out against it through the use of our anonymous tweeting tool below. All tweets will be published anonymously on our @RealMentorsCare twitter under the hashtag #EndLabBullying.

Likewise, if you'd like to promote examples of good and inspiring mentoring that has been instrumental to your career development as a scientist or your wellbeing in difficult times, please use the same tool below, except with the hashtag #RealMentorsCare. Or, if you prefer, attach this hashtag to your own tweets using your personal account. 

As always, we depend on and appreciate your likes, shares, and retweets as a way to spread the word and work towards breaking down institutionalized lab bullying. 

Note: We ask that before you use our form, you type out your message on twitter to make sure you are within the character limit. Tweets over the character length will be automatically discarded. If possible, we would appreciate you include the #EndLabBullying in your Tweet.

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