Job Stability not an Issue Just in Academic Research

This week’s Science magazine has an interesting piece about job stability in the pharmaceutical industry. It is a story about someone who got laid off in three consecutive jobs in the pharma world which, naturally, makes it sound a lot like someone doing the ‘postdoctoral circuit’ in academia.  The feelings are pretty much the same:

“So, finally, I chose to actively seek a change, and I ultimately moved into project management. The desire for a more stable, or at least more fungible, career was the practical appeal. The professional appeal was the opportunity to interact with and learn from professionals working across the full spectrum of pharmaceutical development, from discovery to brand launch and life cycle management. I enjoy the broad perspective and jack-of-all trades nature of the job, and I hope it will be my last career change.”

This short one is worth the read. As a friend of mine who is very determined to stay in science says, “it is really cold out there too”.

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A linguist in a previous life, now doing a PhD in neuroscience and genetics when not stressing over the future in academia and talking about feelings.

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